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米一途 Comeitto – Rice Serum 米糠益生菌保濕精華 45ml

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米一途 Comeitto – Rice Serum 米糠益生菌保濕精華

獨家 TSLFermentation 發酵技術,將營養成分小分子化, 極速滲透。通過獨家技術將小分子的營養成分呈現拉絲形態,有助於提拉緊致肌膚,讓肌膚更有彈性。

– 專利益生菌 NATURAL RE + 專研米糠水,黃金比例,鎖住年輕肌膚

– 營養豐富,獨特質地濃稠不黏膩

– 鎖水保濕、改善細紋

– 抗氧化抗初老

– 加強肌膚彈性、持久保濕緊緻光澤

Comeitto – Rice Serum 原料採用來自有數百年歷史的大米匠人團隊──八代目儀兵衛甄選的優質大米;每年對全國農戶大米進行評審,嚴選的大米所含的維他命B、C、E、氨基酸和礦物質是普通大米的十多倍;並配合頂級碾米技術碾制的米糠,以低溫低壓的方式提取米糠水,保留最有效及豐富的完整營養成分,單以米糠來說,已比白米及糙米多達10-40倍的營養成分,成為產品中最珍貴材料,絕非普通大米護膚品能媲美。產品全部經低刺激檢驗,孕婦、小孩、敏感肌和問題肌等均可安心使用。11大無添加:不添加對羥基苯甲酸酯類、苯氧乙醇、二苯甲酮、三乙醇胺、硫酸鹽系表面 活性劑、滑石、氯苯甘醚、礦物油、苯甲醇、人工香料、人工色素11種大成分

The raw materials are high-quality rice selected by a team of rice craftsmen with a history of hundreds of years, Yashiro Yibei; the rice of farmers across the country is reviewed every year, and the vitamins B, C, E, amino acids and minerals contained in the carefully selected rice are the same as ordinary rice. It is more than ten times higher than that of rice bran; and with the rice bran milled by the top rice milling technology, the rice bran water is extracted by low temperature and low pressure, and the most effective and rich complete nutrients are retained. For rice bran alone, it is 10- With 40 times the nutrients, it has become the most precious material in the product, which is by no means comparable to ordinary rice skin care products. All products have been tested for low irritation, and can be safely used by pregnant women, children, sensitive skin and problem skin.

11 major no added: no added parabens, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, talc, chlorphenesin, mineral oil, benzyl alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial 11 major components of pigment



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